Principal's Message

It has been proved that Higher Education has made a significant contribution to economic development, social progress, and empowerment of the marginalised in independent India. The domain of higher education has always remained a source of dynamism for the economy. And, it will be so always. Opportunities open up for those who are armed with education. Besides, higher education has triggered the formation of a knowledge society. Sustenance of a knowledge society depends upon the quality in higher education.

Quality in the context of Tarananellur Arts and Science College (TASC) centres on the objectives of Academic Excellence and Moulding of a Generation with a Social Commitment. The College strives to enable the students to shine in their life and to pass on that light to others, by encouraging them to develop a love for learning and improving the quality of life.

A wide variety of activities are devised and implemented to help students in their journey towards the objectives of the College. It is with great pride that I extend my warmest greetings to each member of our academic community. As the Principal of Tharananellur Arts & Science College, operating under the esteemed Tharananellur Educational & Cultural Society (TECS), I am honoured to be part of an institution deeply rooted in tradition yet forward-looking in its educational endeavours.

This College is not just a place of learning; it is a community dedicated to academic excellence, holistic development, and the pursuit of knowledge. Let us embark on this academic journey together. Let us uphold the values of TECS and collaborate towards the achieving better quality education, personal growth, and commitment towards the society.

Best wishes for a rewarding academic session ahead.


Dr. Paul Jose P
M Com., M Phil., Ph D
Tharananellur Arts & Science College